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We offer you the option of simply ordering all the products that can be billed via the consultation hours. With our free SSB service, we take over the exam, exhibition and billing with the respective health insurance companies. 

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We grant you individual discounts on all products outside the SSB, as well as a billing service and reliable contact.

  • Easy ordered via our online shop or order form
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  • Examination & exhibition, as well as billing directly with the health insurance company
  • Access to over 15,000 products

Save with our special conditions for all products for your medical facility. Up to 70% cheaper than the market price.

Examples of consultation hours

Ein Bild eines langen, dünnen Pluslife-Nasenabstrichs mit einer kleinen Spitze, zentriert auf einem einfachen weißen Hintergrund.

Pluslife Nasal SWAB, nose smear swab - 1 piece | Pack (1 piece)

SKU: MR-32121

$0.35 $0.35

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $0.35 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD
Eine Flasche Schülke octenisept® Wunddesinfektionsspray 50 ml neben der Verpackungsschachtel. Das Spray ist klar und die Verpackung ist mit roten und blauen Kreuzlogos versehen, die auf die medizinische Verwendung hinweisen.

Schülke Octenisept® wound disinfection spray 50ml | Bottle (50 ml)

SKU: SM-121418-50

$9.29 $9.29

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $9.29 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD
Grundpreis Unit price $22.11  per  100ml
textiler Wundschnellverband
Schachtel mit Hansaplast Classic Pflastern der Beiersdorf AG mit dem Logo und der Abbildung eines „individuell zuschneidbaren“ atmungsaktiven Pflasters neben einer Schere, was die medizinische Kompetenz des Produkts unterstreicht

Hansaplast Classic Pflaster - different sizes

SKU: HP-1145

$3.57 $3.57

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $3.57 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD
Beesana Mullkompresse unsteril
Zwei weiße, gefaltete Handtücher auf einem schlichten weißen Hintergrund. Ein Handtuch ist teilweise über das andere gelegt, was ihre weiche Textur und Ähnlichkeit mit der Meditrade BeeSana® Mullkompresse in medizinischen Einrichtungen der Meditrade GmbH zeigt.

Meditrade BeeSana® gauze compress, non-sterile - 100 pieces

SKU: MT-1000

$1.36 $1.36

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $1.36 USD
Sale price $1.70 USD

Beesana® Vlies compress Unsteril - 100 pieces

SKU: MT-1126

$2.06 $2.06

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $2.06 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD
Wundpflaster Pflaster
Verpackung für Hansaplast Sensitive Pflaster - Verschiedene Größen der Beiersdorf AG. Auf der Schachtel sind das Markenlogo, der Produktname und eine Abbildung einer Schere zu sehen, die einen Pflasterstreifen schneidet. Die Verpackung hebt die dermatologische Zulassung hervor.

Hansaplast sensitive plaster - different sizes

SKU: HP-48697

$10.66 $10.66

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $10.66 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD
Grundpreis Unit price $2.53  per  m
Meditrade Alkoholtupfer zur Hautreinigung

Meditrade alcohol swab for skin cleaning - 100 pieces | Pack (100 pieces)

SKU: MT-4465

$1.77 $1.77

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $1.77 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD
Eine Schachtel BeeSana® Mullkompresse-Mullkompressen der Meditrade GmbH mit weißem und blauem Design und deutscher Beschriftung, die eine Größe von 5 x 5 angibt.
Zwei weiße Frotteehandtücher der Meditrade GmbH, ordentlich gefaltet und einander überlappend auf einem sterilen weißen Hintergrund.

Meditrade BeeSana® gauze compress, sterile - 25 x 2 pieces

SKU: MT-1043

$1.93 $1.93

Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand Netto

Regular price $1.93 USD
Sale price $19.99 USD

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1. What does the term consultation hours need?

Consultation hours refers to medical consumables and medication that is used regularly in medical practices and clinics. These include Association material, disinfectant, disposable gloves, injections, cannulas and certain medication. The need varies depending on the subject of the medical facility. The aim is to ensure efficient and high -quality patient care. The procurement and management of these materials requires one careful planningto ensure availability at any time and to control the costs at the same time.

2. How can you order consultation hours?

You can use our consultation hours via our Online shop, or directly over our sales be ordered. Our online order platforms enable a quick and easy selection. It is important to pay attention to quality, delivery times and conditions. We also offer Individual advice and support, when choosing the right need. The order should always take into account the current Regulations and guidelines.

3. What legal regulations apply to consultation hours?

Various legal regulations apply to office hours, depending on the State and region can vary. This includes legal provisions on storage, documentation and disposal of medical devices.
A list of associations, with the country -specific provisions you will find here. How is the quality of the office hour required?

4. What should be considered when storing consultation hours?

At the storage Appropriate environment must be paid to an appropriate environment. Medical products often have to be under certain Temperature and moisture conditions be stored to ensure your effectiveness and security. Storage should also be organized in such a way that a quick and efficient removal is possible. It is important, Expiration data To monitor and to dispose of products that have expired or the packaging of which is damaged.

5. How is the quality of the office hour required?

The quality assurance The consultation hour requires by a combination of careful selection of suppliers, regular review of the products and compliance with strict storage and handling guidelines. We meet quality certificates such as ISO standards. In addition, medical facilities should regularly Internal controls carry out to ensure that all products necessary standards correspond and are safe for use.

6. Which types of medical devices are a need for consultation hours?

For the Consultation hours include various medical devices, including Diagnostic instruments How Blood pressure measuring devices and stethoscopes, consumption materials such as bandages, plasters, sterile compresses, spraying, cannulas, and disposable gloves. Depending on the medical specialization, special instruments and devices may also be required. These products are essential for daily patient care and must always be in stock in sufficient quantities and quality.

7. How does the settlement of consultation hours need?

The billing of Consultation hours usually takes place via the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Or directly with the health insurance companies. In Germany there are specific regulations that determine which products are reimbursable and how the billing must be made. The exact modalities can depending on Federal State and Health insurance vary. It is important to document the consumed materials and a compliance with the rules in order to avoid financial losses.

8. What innovations are there in the area of ​​consultation hours?

In the area of ​​consultation hours, there are continuously innovations, especially with regard to technology and digitization. New medical devices and instruments, improved materials and advanced software solutions for inventory management and billing are regularly introduced. These developments aim to increase efficiency, improve patient care and to simplify administration.

9. How can you dispose of consultation hours in an environmentally friendly way?

For the Environmentally friendly disposal Special regulations and guidelines must be observed of consultation hours. Materials such as injections, cannulas and other sharp or infectious objects must be in safe Keep be disposed of. Many disposable products can be recycled, provided they have not been contaminated with dangerous substances. There are special return systems for the disposal of medication. Environmental awareness is essential to minimize the effects on the environment.

10. What support does your online shop offer if you have any questions about consultation hours?

Our online shop offers comprehensive advice and support in the selection and ordering of office hours. We offer a wide range of products, detailed product descriptions and expert advice. We also support the handling of orders, deliveries and questions about billing. Our goal is to provide medical facilities efficiently and reliably with high -quality consultation hours.