Gut Vorbereitet in die Erkältungssaison
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Well prepared in the cold season

The leaves change color, a cool wind blows through the streets, and with it there is a time that many of us fear: the cold season. Year after year we meet her, sometimes better, sometimes worse. But why react to the last trigger when you can prepare yourself so well?

When the days get shorter, we often notice how the first signs of illness appear in our area. A colleague coughs, a family member sneezes, and soon they too could be haunted by these annoying symptoms. But did you know that with a little preparation and knowledge, this cold season can be much more bearable?


The cold time knocks on the door: Why preparation is everything!

It is not only a question of knowledge, but also of action. It begins with the insight that winter not only brings cozy and Christmas magic. No, he also brings the risk of colds and flu. And while we wrap ourselves in fat jackets and scarves, we should not forget to protect our health too.


Fieber thermometer: The underestimated guardian of your health!

A simple, but so powerful tool. To be found in almost every household, and yet often underestimated. A fever thermometer can be the first step to find out whether they are really sick. It allows us to take measures in good time before the cold strikes fully.

But not every fever thermometer is the same. There are digital, analogue, for the mouth, ear or forehead. While some models deliver in seconds, others take longer. But what really matters is reliability. A good fever thermometer should not be missing in your medicine booth. And if you have children, it is even more important to choose a child -friendly, easy -to -use model.


Disinfectant: The invisible sign against germs and viruses!

In our modern world in which we are constantly on the move, in public transport, offices and shops, we are constantly exposed to a variety of bacteria and viruses. Disinfectants can help here.

A small drop can make up the difference. A quick disinfecting of the hands after shopping, after touching door handles or using public transport can help prevent germs from spreading.

But as with the fever thermometers, there are also differences here. While some disinfectants were specially developed for the hands, others are intended for areas. A good hand disinfectant should contain at least 60% alcohol and the hands should not dry out. Landing information, on the other hand, are perfect for kitchen surfaces, door handles and other often touched areas.


Knowledge is power: understand the symptoms and know when you have to act!

It is not enough to just be prepared. You also have to know when and how to act. A running nose could simply be a reaction to cold weather. But in combination with other symptoms, she could indicate a burgeoning cold.

It is important to recognize the first signs of a cold. In addition to a running or clogged nose, tiredness, bodyache, headache, sore throat and of course fever can also belong. At the first signs, you should rest, drink a lot of water and, if necessary, consult a doctor.


Summary: Well equipped against colds is half won!

The cold season can be a challenge. But with the right preparation and the necessary knowledge, you can make this time much more pleasant. Invest in a good fever thermometer, keep disinfectants at hand and listen to your body. With these simple steps, they are well prepared to survive the cold time in a healthy and cheerful way.

So, don't let the cold season be surprised. With a little caution and preparation, you can protect yourself and your family and get through the winter healthy. Be proactive and take care of your health!


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