Auswahl der richtigen medizinischen Schutzbekleidung: Ein Leitfaden
Care Guide

Selection of the right medical protective clothing: a guide

Plays in the world of medicine and hygiene suitable Protective clothing one important Role.

She is not only firm component of Everyday life many professional groups, but also an important aspect  the Care and of Protection of patients and employees.

The Base understand before we us with the Details deal, It is important to understand the basics.

Medical Protective clothing suffices From gloves to aprons to to Full protection clothing.

Each of these products has its own purpose and its own Specifications.


1. detection Of their needs The first step in choosing the suitable Protective clothing consists in this, Her specific needs to determine.

Work You in one Area, by  regularly with infectious materials or dangerous chemicals handling becomes, or you need protective clothing for general cleaning and Maintenance tasks?

The Answer On these questions determine, which protective gear She need.

The Type of protective gear becomes certainly.


2. materials and comfort Another important aspect is the material of the Protective clothing.

She are in different materials available, underneath Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl.

Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Latex gloves have for example one size Flexibility and a good one Tapping pounds, can however cause allergic reactions in some people.

Is nitrile hypoallergenic and chemical resistant, What it to one great alternative to latex might.


3. Size and fit As well important is the Fit of the Protective clothing.

Not correct Sitting protective equipment can  uncomfortable be and the Protection impair.

Choose You the right size  and regard She on it, that the clothing Sitting well without the To limit freedom of movement.


4. Certifications and standards Observe She  Certifications and standards.

Europe has for example above the CE sign, the indicates that a product the EU requirements at Security, Health and

environmental Protection Fulfills.

About it out of gives it specific norms for different types of Protective clothing, for example The EN 374 for gloves for protection before Chemicals and microorganisms.


5. Reusable vs.

Disposable another factor certainly, if the Protective clothing reusable or disposable is.

Reusable clothing is inexpensive and Environmentally friendly, However, requires proper cleaning and care.

Disposable clothing however offers more Comfort and places secure, that every suit or Glove sterile and free of Impurities is.


6. You take special requirements into account all special Requirements with Of their specific working environment tied together are. For example needed a Labor Protective gear, The against certain chemicals resistant Is, while itself a hospital possibly on Infection barriers concentrated.


Conclusion The selection of suitable medical Protective clothing is an essential step to ensure security and hygiene in different To ensure work environments.

Through the Consideration the criteria mentioned above  Can you well -founded decisions meet that not only their needs are equivalent to, but also the Health and  Safety of everyone involved support financially.


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