Incontinence in adults - causes, coping and aids

Harn incontinence is a common and often underestimated problem that affects many adults. Despite its spread, it is often not adequately addressed out of shame or...

Feb 27 2024
Post by Julia Pable

Selection of the right medical protective clothing: a guide

Plays in the world of medicine and hygiene suitable Protective clothing one important Role. She is not only firm component of Everyday life many professional groups,...

Dec 11 2023
Post by Chiara Laubenbacher

Wounds - small injuries, great importance

Understand wounds: acute and chronic wounds Wounds are part of life. Whether when cutting with the kitchen knife or after a fall on the sidewalk -...

Nov 07 2023
Post by Julia Pable

Latex allergy for disposable gloves - symptoms, causes and alternatives

Everything you need to know about latex allergies: a comprehensive guide Hello! When you read this guide, you will probably look for answers on the subject...

Oct 23 2023
Post by Chiara Laubenbacher

What is Pots - Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

Today I would like to address a special topic that often flies under the radar, but is a real challenge for those affected: the postural tachykardy...

Oct 16 2023
Post by Chiara Laubenbacher

What are latex gloves and why are they commonly used?

Latex gloves are disposable gloves that are made of natural rubber. They are very elastic and offer an excellent fit. Therefore, they are often used in...

Oct 05 2023
Post by Chiara Laubenbacher