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  • Vendor: K+S
  • Type: Salt tablets
  • SKU: KS-27346
  • MPN: 27346
  • Gebinde: bags
  • Einheiten: 25 kg per sack // 1 sack per cardboard // 40 boxes per palette
  • Ablaufdatum: 2040-01-22
  • Chargenummer: X
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Axal per tabs regenerator salt - special salt for water fermentation (25kg)

Made according to DIN 19604 / DIN EN 973 Type A

  • Sodium chloride content at least 99.9%
  • Oldness of insoluble elements less than 0.01%
  • Very good solubility
  • surpasses the requirements for regenerator salts:
    EN 14805 Type 1 & EN 973 Type A 
  • No formation of salt porridge on the bottom of the salt container
  • 40 sacks, per euro peak
  • Siede Regenerierier salt in 25 kg PE sacks



component specification Marketable
Sodium chloride >99,9 % 99,93 % EN 973
Calcium / magnesium <0,01 % 0,004 % ISO 2482
sulfate <0,1 % 0,04 % ISO 2480
H2O-ungut <0,01 % 0,005 % ISO 2479
Adhering moisture <0,1 % 0,02 % ISO 2483
arsenic <0.3 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg EN 973
cadmium <0.5 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg EN 973
chrome <0.75 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg EN 973
mercury <0.05 mg/kg <0.02 mg/kg EN 973
nickel <0.75 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg EN 973
Lead <1 mg/kg <0.5 mg/kg EN 973
antimony <2.6 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg  EN 973
selenium <2.6 mg/kg <0.14 mg/kg  EN 973
copper <2 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg Eusalt AS 015
iron <2 mg/kg <1 mg/kg Eusalt AS 015
manganese <1 mg/kg <0.1 mg/kg Eusalt AS 015


Using areas:

Hard water, rich in earth -alkalimetals, can lead to undesirable lime accumulations that result in various negative effects:

  • Impairment of the efficiency and lifespan of devices, fittings and household machines
  • Lime -related blockages in heating elements and lines
  • increased use of cleaning and detergent as well as increased energy costs
  • reduced heating output

In contrast, soft, softened water brings numerous advantages:

  • No unnecessary energy losses due to device calcification
  • Extended operating time of your household appliances
  • Saving cleaning agents
  • Protection of the environment
  • Clean and lime -free fittings, tiles and sinks

Our regeneration salt fulfills the highest standards in terms of microbiological cleanliness, solubility and minimal residues.

In addition, our salt tablets are ideal for saltwater electrolysis for swimming pool care:

Electrolysis with salt exceeds other disinfection methods in several points. It enables the waiver of storing chlorine -based products such as tablets or gas, which significantly increases security. Disinfection takes place fully automatically and low in maintenance, with consistently high disinfection. This is particularly advantageous for places such as holiday homes and swimming pools that are rarely serviced. In addition, the electrolysis technique can be combined with automatic control systems that adapt the chlorior production in accordance with the external conditions (such as temperature, sun exposure and usage frequency). Another plus is the reduction of the chlorine smell, since the system converts a large part of the chlorine back into salt. For a fresh bathing experience

In addition to the hygienic and low -maintenance nature, increased comfort when swimming is also an argument for electrolysis technology. The slightly salt -containing water of the pool, which only has about a tenth of the salt content of sea water, contains important minerals and trace elements, which makes it particularly gently with eyes and skin. The water does not dry out the skin, but has a skin care and tightening. When drying after swimming, salt particles remain on the skin that stimulate blood circulation and make the skin silky.

Axal salt tablets (boiling regenerator tablets) are ideal for water treatment in water yields in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, residential buildings and in industrial and commercial plants.


Identification in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP]

Hazard information:
no longer

Safety instructions:traps

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