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A good day begins with a good night - why sleep is so important to us.

In view of the global slave, you will find out everything about sleep in this article. Why does too little sleep of our health harm and what are helpful tips to be able to sleep more relaxing?


We spend a third of our life sleeping. We often underestimate the importance of good and sufficient sleep for the successful mastery of everyday life. In a world that is getting faster and faster and the demands on us, sleep can often be neglected. This is essential for well -being and health.


Why do we sleep?

To understand why a relaxing sleep is so important, it is advisable to educate why we sleep at all. When we sleep, different processes take place in the body. Heartbeat and blood pressure sink and the brain regenerates. Information collected throughout the day is processed. Our immune defense is strongest when we sleep.


Sleep cycle

Essential for a healthy, relaxing sleep is to get into all sleep phases during the night and to live them through sufficiently. Shortly after falling asleep, we optimally reach the deep sleep phase. Various regeneration processes in the body and brain run in this. It followed the light sleep phase, which is mostly the night of the night. In the last part of the night there is a REM sleep phase. This is characterized by quick eye movements with closed songs.


What happens in the event of a lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep can be harmful to health in the long run.


  • Reduced cognitive skills: Lack of sleep can negatively influence cognitive skills such as memory, attention, concentration and judgment.
  • Health problems: Chronic lack of sleep can have a negative impact on health in the long term. It can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, lead to high blood pressure and weaken the immune system.
  • Mental problems: Too little sleep can quickly lead to increased irritability and promote anxiety and a depressive mood.
  • Reduced quality of life: The quality of life and general well -being decrease steadily when we sleep too little.


Tips for a relaxing sleep

If you have problems sleeping in and through, establish the following habits in your evening routine:

  1. Nutrition: Avoid big meals, caffeine and alcohol shortly before going to bed because they can disturb the falling asleep.
  1. Screen time: The use of electronic devices should be avoided at least an hour before going to bed. Instead, it makes sense to read a book or do a relaxation exercise.
  1. Optimize sleeping environment: Pay attention to a pleasant room temperature and darken the room. You should also ensure that all sources of noise are eliminated as much as possible.
  1. Duration: The optimal sleeping time for an adult should be between seven and eight hours. If possible, these should be adhered to on all days of the week. So the body gets used to the right amount of sleep.



A relaxing sleep plays an important role in leading a healthy life, which is often underestimated. By creating consciousness about the importance of sleep, you can make a valuable contribution to your health. For further tips and products related to health, visit Altruan.

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